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    I am facing a problem related to the format of date fields.<BR>I am running my application in different Machines ...Both are Windows 2000 having IIS Option pack 5.0.....Both these machines are connecting to the same Oracle database...<BR>The problem that i am facing is that...<BR>In one machine the date field being retrieved is displayed as<BR>13/May/2002 (dd/MMM/yyyy) format<BR>while in the Other machine the date being retrieved is displayed as 5/13/20002 (mm/dd/yyyy) format...<BR><BR>I want both the machine to display the date as 13/May/2002 <BR>I have not used any date formating functions in my SQL statement such as to_char or to_date...<BR><BR>Do i have to install some Dlls in the machine....<BR><BR>Please help i am facing lots of problem due to this...<BR><BR>Thanks for your time<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Dates and Times

    See the explanation of how Date/Time values work with ASP in that category in the FAQs.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t pretend to understand how you are getting back 13/May/2002 format, though. I&#039;ve never even heard of that as any standard format for anything. (13 May 2002, with spaces, yes. But never with slashes.)<BR><BR>

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