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    Tyler Parrott Guest

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    I am using an ASP interface to Query data in a large Access database. I have used "IF" statements to print out all fields that aren&#039t blank. It works on every field but the problem is. On "memo" fields, it will just print the column header, not the information. Is there a problem with ASP&#039s and memo fields?

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    I don&#039t know what the deal is, but a while ago I had a problem with memo fields, the problem was I could only reference it as <BR><BR>rs("memofield")<BR><BR>one time. Any time I tried to reference it from the recordset after that, it would return null. I didn&#039t research it or anything at the time, but a workaround I found was to assign it to a variable at first then just reference the variable.<BR><BR>Dim myMemo<BR>myMemo = rs("MemoField")<BR>Response.Write myMemo<BR><BR>this has not given me any problems. Like I said, I don&#039t know what the exact problem is here, and I don&#039t even know if this is your problem, but if it is I hope I&#039ve given you something to work with.<BR><BR>Nathan Pond

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    Tyler Parrott Guest

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    Thanks for the help:)

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