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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have just started working with ASP. In our web site we have a option to download the trial version of our software. We want to send out a reminder email(automatically) to the customer the day before the expiry date. Any lead regarding this will be helpful. Thank you for your help.

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    Default Schedule a task...

    ...that runs once a day and looks in your DB for those download records that will expire the next day.<BR><BR>You can write the code for that task in VBScript (*NOT* ASP!) and run it from the WSH (Windows Script Host) [see for info].<BR><BR>The actual code is simple enough. There are FAQs here and articles galore that should guide you into how to send email from VBScript. And the SQL query is dirt simple, assuming you set up your DB correctly.<BR><BR>If you are asking somebody to write this for you from scratch...well, you expect people to pay for your software, no?<BR><BR>But if you actually write some code and then get stuck...sure, ask away.<BR><BR>

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