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Thread: transfering data from one table to another

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    Default transfering data from one table to another

    Hi,<BR>I was just wondering can we transfer data of one field in one table to another field in another table in SQL Server. If yes how can we do it.. i tried it using DTS but it transferes whole table not one field data.<BR>eg.<BR>table1 : field1,field2,field3<BR><BR>table2 : field1,field2,field3 <BR><BR>now i want data from field3 from table1 to field2 of table2<BR><BR>Any help is very much appreciated... if it is not possible using database can we do it using ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Read the docs...

    ...on INSERT INTO<BR><BR><BR><BR>Look at EXAMPLE G there.<BR><BR>Hmmmm...or maybe you mean to use UPDATE???<BR><BR><BR><BR>This time EXAMPLE C ??<BR><BR>You don&#039;t give me enough info to know what you mean by "transfer". Create new records? Change existing records? If changing existing ones, how do you know *which ones* to change? If creating new records, what goes into the other fields?<BR><BR>

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