The sql query I do in QA takes around 1 minute (from my computer to another computer running sql server).<BR><BR>Now, I have my ASP.NET app running on a different machine that will ask the same sql server computer to perfomr the same query.<BR>I estimate that the computer running my web app (also on same network in office as my computer but with dual cpus) should also take same amount of time.<BR><BR>Problem is the query IS NOT getting a chance to complete. It times out after about 30 or so seconds.<BR><BR>Possible reasons I have checked for:<BR>1. Sql Server is getting hit hard:<BR><BR>Checked. Im only one hitting it and its the only query. Sql server is on a 1.6G workstation with 700Megs ram. (Should be ok for getting hit by 2 or so machines).<BR><BR>2. Default connection string settings for time out is 15 seconds:<BR><BR>I bumped this up to 480..... "Connect Timeout=4800;" is now in the connection string. 4800 seconds which is 80 minutes..plenty of time!!<BR><BR>3. im using ASP.NET forms authentication with timeout, maybe its cutting out early:<BR><BR>Checked my web.config page, and I set timeout="5" (which I confirmed in the docs....5 is 5 minutes).<BR><BR>4. The **** thing is cutting out for what only-a-guru-would-know why! (Well, I will think your a guru if you can solve this!!)<BR><BR><BR>I need suggestions!! I posted this at CODEGURU a week ago and got 0 replies in 8 days...need help asap!<BR><BR>- john