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    Hi there,<BR> I want to do a forum and I&#039;m having problems with it... <BR>I created a database and each message on the forum will be a record. in each record there is a field called: "father" and it&#039;s a boolean and if its value is true than it has responses...<BR>I also made a field called: "sonOf" which has the number of the father message.<BR><BR>Now, what I want to do is that if someone responsed to a thread it will be the first thread on the forum... now as I see it to do that I need to use a sql statement and order it by the date and time.. my problem is after I openned the table with that sql statement I don&#039;t know what to do... because if the first record is a response and not a the first post in the thread, than I need to find the first response write it find all of the sons and their sons and well, than the cursor is lost, how can I go back ?? <BR><BR>am I doing this good at all??? is there a better way to do forums??? I hope that you can understand what I wrote....<BR><BR>please help, thanks

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    Default Try reading this...<BR><BR>Be *sure* to read the followup comments!<BR><BR><BR><BR>Yes, I know this is for SQL Server, but the technique that I comment on (look for my name in the discussion page) is one that works well with Access.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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