HI, I dotn know if i am allow to ask this kinds of question in here but i aks any way.<BR><BR>here is my tbls layout<BR><BR>tbl1<BR>singerID - PK<BR>singername<BR><BR>tbl2<BR>cdID - PK<BR>cdname<BR>singerID - FK to tbl1<BR><BR>tbl3<BR>songID - PK<BR>songtitle<BR>singerID - FK to tbl2<BR><BR>here is the question: <BR>I have read all the stuffs in here and still dont get it to work.<BR><BR>ofcourse as you know 1 singer has many cd and 1 cd has many songtitles.<BR><BR><BR>when i click on a "cdname" from a specific "singername" it displays the "songtitles" of that "cdname" -(I already know how to do this)<BR><BR>While it displays the "songtitles" of the "cdname" in a page, inside that page I also want it to shows the related or the whole list of "cdname" which belong to that "singername" too - (which i dont know how - please help)<BR><BR>please help me with the select statement and show me how to make it display. <BR><BR>Thank you a bunch!<BR><BR>help me find bin laden too ! <BR><BR>