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    I am about to upgrade from SQL 7 to SQL 2000. I only have 2 databases that need to move in the upgrade. I would like to just do a fresh installation of SQL 2000 - uninstall SQL 7 and then install 2k - or is that not necessary?<BR><BR>If it is worth doing that, should I do anything special when backing up my SQL 7 DBs before uninstalling?<BR><BR>Once I install SQL 2000, is there a special process I need to be aware of to restore my databases? I would like for them to be in SQL 2000 format instead of SQL7.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    As far as I am aware 2000 should upgrade from 7 automaticaly<BR>backup!!!!<BR>no need to do anything else!<BR>ohhh you do backup to another disk or tape?

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