Hello all,<BR>I have a tricky situation here that I could really use some help with,<BR><BR>I am calling a VB Comm DLL from within an ASP page.<BR><BR>Within the ASP page I have an &#060;input type ="file"&#062; field where a user can select a flat txt file containing various numeric and alphanumeric data.<BR><BR>This bit is fine.<BR><BR>The next piece is a bit more complex:<BR><BR>Within the COM Object I am using the filesystemobject to read the values from the file; and send them back to the asp page - this works fine, The only problem is that the data sent back is in one big chunk.<BR>How do I determine where the fields in the text file start and finish and also how do I get it to read one line at a time as opposed to reading the data as one big block.<BR><BR>I need to populate form fields on the ASP Page with the fields from the flat file.The flat file is fixed character width.<BR><BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR><BR>Dar<BR>