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    Does anyone know of a way to verify if an e-mail address is legitimate without actually sending a message to the address? Obviously you could check to see if the domain is legitimate, but what about an e-mail address corresponding to it? It would also be possible to send a message to the address to see if a reply comes back indicating that it&#039s invalid, but it seems that most people would regard that as spam. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.<BR><BR>Todd<BR>

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    hmmm... let me think about this....<BR><BR>SMTP DOES have a conduit to verify a username or list.. <BR><BR>you would have to open an exchange with a mail server and then send a VRFY command to the server: (S: send R: Response)<BR><BR>S: VRFY Smith<BR>R: 250 Fred Smith &#060;;<BR><BR>or you might get:<BR><BR>S: VRFY Jones<BR>R: 550 String does not match anything<BR><BR>I have a pdf or RFC821 that describes SMTP. Feel free to e-mail me and I will send you a copy.<BR><BR>Derek Gabriel<BR><BR>

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