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    after querying my database i want to list the results. the query works but regardless of how many records there are my loop just continues to response.write like 30 times. can someone tell me why it is doing this. the code:<BR><BR> do while not theRecordset.EOF<BR> dataB = theRecordset("Btime")<BR> dataE = theRecordset("Etime")<BR> dataN = theRecordset("Name")<BR> DCID = theRecordset("DCID") <BR> <BR> response.write "DCID: "&DCID<BR> response.write "Name: "&dataN<BR> response.write "Begin: "&dataB<BR> response.write "End: "&dataE<BR><BR> theRecordset.movenext<BR> loop<BR><BR>

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    try <BR><BR>do until rs.eof

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