Firstly - I&#039;m not a programmer!<BR><BR>What I&#039;ve done is an ASP page to read browser info into a DB. I am using this;<BR><BR>recordset.AddNew<BR>recordset.Fields( "referrer")=request.servervariables("HTTP_Referrer ")<BR>recordset.Fields("time")= Time<BR>recordset.Fields("date")= Date<BR>recordset.Update<BR><BR>It all works fine with request.servervariables stuff but not with the Time and Date - they give me a Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement pointing to the recordset.Update line.<BR><BR>I was told it may have something to do with SQL needing dates/time in US format (I am using UK) but don&#039;t know how to do this conversion if this is the problem.<BR><BR>ANy help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Lastly - I am not a programmer.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Euan