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    I&#039m trying find the best way way to strip all HTML tags except the one&#039s I want to keep out of a FrontPage html page. The one&#039s I want to keep are the simple ones, plus I would also like to be able to replace certain tags with another tag. Anybody tried this before. I&#039m going to use the stripped content as an include file, while still allowing the content-providers to use FrontPage.<BR>Thanks.

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    I would just write an ASP page that reads in the contents of an HTML file using the FileSystemObject (see, then I would use the replace function to replace all of the HTML tags you want to strip with "" (see for Replace technical docs)<BR><BR>So, you could do:<BR><BR>Dim strContents<BR>strContents = &#039read the file contents of a particular HTML page into this string variable<BR><BR>&#039Now, replace all of the HTML tags<BR>strContents = Replace(strContents, "&#060;P&#062;","",1,-1,1)<BR>strContents = Replace(strContents, "<BR>","",1,-1,1)<BR>strContents = Replace(strContents, "&#060;LI&#062;","",1,-1,1)<BR>&#039And so on...<BR><BR>Finally, write the contents of strContents back to the file...

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