Hi There,<BR><BR>I&#039;m having bit of a problem. I am working on a relational database and users are searching for different kinds oilfield related jobs. Now, the results are shown in a table which is just using a simple repeat region (Ultradev) to go through the recordset. The problem is that, the results are shown in a Column by column way.. What this means is that that titles of the fields are shown on the left handside the next column has the result.. This all works fine until I want to do comparisons of two or more results, so that I have multiple columns which are automatically generated, depending on how many checkboxes are clicked from the previous page..<BR><BR>Now, the only way I could come up with solving this is for the SQL to loop through each result, and assign each database field to an array.. And then, at each row, loop through each one of those arrays... Although this seems to be most logical way of doing it, I am just hoping that there is an easier or more logical way, as there are well over rows of fields and I do think that the processing power might be a bit pushed with all those loops.. Any ideas?? <BR><BR>Cheers