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    Is there some way i can stop duplicate redords from showing up in my dataset? as an example i am usuing something like this SQL string:<BR><BR>SELECT Attendees.LastName, Attendees.FirstName, Attendees.Organization, Attendees.Phone, Attendees.Ext, Attendees.Fax, Attendees.Email FROM Attendees INNER JOIN BigOlTable ON (Attendees.AttendeeID = BigOlTable.AttendeeID AND (BigOlTable.EventID = &#039;E03&#039; OR BigOlTable.EventID = &#039;E04&#039;)) ORDER BY Attendees.LastName <BR><BR>I run into problems because some AttendeeID&#039;s have entries for multiple eventID&#039;s

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    Default primary keys

    give whatever you want to be unique a primary key constraint

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