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    I thought the code below could do a global search but found out otherwise. How could I just put in a letter in the search field and get all that apply. At the present time whenever I do a search I only get just one record even though I have a lot of records with the same selection criteria.<BR><BR>Also I inherited this db with weird table names and fields. Some of the fields have two words as "Item Code" and when I try to do a use that field name I run into and error. What should I do?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kwadwo <BR><BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * From Bond10Masters WHERE Item like &#039%" & sitemcode & "%&#039"<BR><BR> <BR>

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    I have a search engine that will search a single field in a database, but the code would be a bit to put on here. What is your email and I can email you the code if you like? My email is <BR><BR>Ken

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    Ken,<BR> My e-mail is<BR><BR>Thnaks,<BR>Kwadwo

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