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    My IIS 5.0 server is having quite a problem. Its running an ASP program that has been on there for over a year, but has had minor changes recently. Every couple of hours at random, the processor on the server skyrockets to 50% utilization, then 75%, and finally near 100% and just stays there. We noticed that the DLLHOST process is sucking it all up. We run IISRESET and it clears everything up until it happens again a few hours later.<BR><BR>I thought it may be an infinite loop in some code in a custom DLL that serves the ASP, but I have checked and double-checked to nearly eliminate that possibility. How can I debug this? How can I make sure its code and not something funky going on in the OS? The event logs haven&#039;t been very helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks for any advice.

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    There have been cases were antivirus software causes this to happen try stopping any of this type of software for a while a see if your problem goes away. We had the trouble with McAfee Virus Scan

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