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    T.Nagaraj Guest

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    Sir,<BR>In one of asp page, i have 3 fields("emp_code","emp_name","salary") where "emp_code" is the primary key of emp table. Here "emp_code" is a list box which contains a list of emp_codes from emp table.<BR>My requirement:<BR>When i select a particular emp_code from the list box, the corresponding information should be automatically displayed in the remaining 2 fields from the database.<BR>For Ex: when i select "1002" as emp_code, "suresh" should be emp_name and "8000" should be his salary.<BR>I will be very thankful for you, if you provide solution for this problem.<BR>Thanking you in advance,<BR>T.Nagaraj

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    Brad Foust Guest

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    Check out this article here on 4guys<BR><BR><BR><BR>That should get you started.<BR><BR>--brad

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    Try submitting the page to itself. I use this sometimes to cut down on the number of pages.<BR>Example:<BR>Sub cboName_OnChange<BR> frmName.submit()<BR> resub = True &#039Set a flag<BR>End Sub<BR>after resubmitting write the SQL to fill the rest of the form<BR>If resub = True then<BR> SQL = Select...<BR>Good luck

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