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    Anyone,<BR>I am a little stuck as to how to send an email from asp.<BR>I have read the article here<BR>By this article I have checked that I have SMTP running on the webserver, and I do not receive any errors, when I try to send an email, but if I look in the mailroot directory the email is stuck in the Queue folder until it times out, and gets moved to the badmail folder.<BR><BR>Is there something bloody obvious that I am not doing ??<BR>I am running IIS4 on an NT server, as far as I can gather SMTP service is running, Outlook is also installed on the server, and that can send and receive emails. The server is on a LAN.<BR><BR>Is there any easy way of sending emails through Outlook with asp ??<BR><BR>Any advice would be useful, I have looked through a lot of articles, but they all seem to suggest that it is so easy that I can&#039;t see what is wrong.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Paul<BR>

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    a little code wouldn&#039;t hurt...let us see where you are sending the mail item.. from creation to send...please<BR><BR>bastien

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