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    If ASP page X calls ASP page Y, when ASP page Y terminates and returns to ASP page X, where does it return to? Does it return to the point of call, or is ASP page X reparsed and loaded from the begining? As you can probably tell, I'm an old "structured" coder (COBOL Dinosaur). I have a problem with some code and this info would answer alot about how the code flows. Thank you in advance. Bob

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    please tell more about your problem ,try to check the working of " redirect " , u can redirect the output of page "X" to any other page u would like .

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    Default You could do both

    If you are going to use server.transfer the ASP page X will be loaded from the very beginning but if you will use server.execute then the code will be continued right after the line which called the ASP page Y<BR><BR>So it&#039;s up to you to determine

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