hi there, i&#039;m new to ASP and am learning under a deadline and tasked to make some modifications to an existing web UI.<BR><BR>there are 3-4 asp pages that make up a feature in the existing UI. i want them to be available from a second URL as well, the idea being that if the main website isn&#039;t working (like if the WAM COM+ app identity creds have expired, for instance), then the user can enter a different URL and get to just this feature.<BR><BR>the way i did this was to move these asp pages into their own subdirectory with its own global.asa and make a new virtual directory for the new website. after making the expected changes to links/paths, it actually works.<BR><BR>however, the problem i&#039;m having is that i can&#039;t debug any server-side scripting if i access the pages from the new website.<BR><BR>so if i put a &#039;Stop&#039; in the server script on one of the pages and browse to it from the original website, it breaks at that line and i can step through the script. but if i access the same page (the same file, with the stop still in there) from the new website, i don&#039;t see any breaks in the server scripting.<BR><BR>what gives? naturally i assumed it was an iis debug config issue with the virtual directory, but i&#039;ve gone through that a million times and both virtual directories are configured the same, with server side script debugging enabled. i&#039;ve bounced the WAM apps, IIS, and i&#039;ve rebooted the **** machine and nothing has helped.<BR><BR>any ideas or advice? any/all responses appreciated hugely.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Craig