Warning: I&#039;m an ASP newbie and this is a long post.<BR><BR>So, I&#039;ve got an order form that is submitting about 30 fields to an asp page. On this page I&#039;ve got several different things happening and, as a result, several For Next and If...Then statements. I&#039;ve gotten everything working and am now trying to add some sever side validation.<BR><BR>I got a VBScript off the 4guys site and have added it, but I&#039;m running into the problem that when the script finishes and returns the errors to the user the server keeps trying to execute the code. Obviously I&#039;m wanting everything to stop once the validation script displays the errors. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve overcome this in my other scripts by tying them all together with If...Then statements, but that&#039;s getting a bit cumbersome and I&#039;m thinking there has to be a better way to make the server think it&#039;s reached EOF for the asp page and quit processing it.... right?