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    I have 2 tables and due to the fact that some people have changed their minds I need to move data from one to the other.<BR><BR>table 1 = imageSets...<BR><BR>set_id folder photographer_id description location<BR><BR>table 2 = images...<BR><BR>image_id folder photographer_id catRef file_name<BR><BR>the folder and photographer_id are exclusive to an imageSet but only together. What I&#039;d like to do is move catRef to table 1 and replace folder abd photographer_id in table 2 with set_id<BR><BR>is this possible???<BR>

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    You can do an insert with a subselect<BR><BR>insert into table1(c1,c2,c3) select c4,c5,c6 from table2<BR><BR>You can have constant expressions in the select if you wish to assign columns that are present in table1 but not table2

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