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    Isabelle Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m making a guestbook in ASP. But now I want an E-mail being sent to the webmaster everytime someone leaves a message in the guestbook! Can you do this in ASP??<BR><BR>tHANKS ISABELLE

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    John Harrod Guest

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    I have one of these on my web page. I do what you are wanting to do plus record it in a database. If your web server has the NT 4.0 option pack installed you can change this code to fit your needs. The code assumes you have a save button on your page.<BR>See<BR><BR>Sub btnSave_onclick()<BR>If txtEmail.value = "" Then<BR>Response.Redirect "/guestbook.asp"<BR>Else<BR>End If<BR>rstGuestBook.updateRecord <BR>Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")<BR>Mailer.Fr omName = "John B. Harrod"<BR>Mailer.FromAddress = ""<BR>Mailer.AddCC "John B. Harrod", ""<BR>Mailer.AddRecipien t Request.Form(""), Request.Form("txtEmail")<BR>Mailer.RemoteHost = ""<BR>Mailer.Subject = "John Harrod&#039s Guest Book"<BR>Mailer.BodyText = "Thanks " & Request.Form ("txtFirstName") & " for signing my Guest Book." & " http://johnharrod/guestbook.asp"<BR>Mailer.SendMail<BR>Response.Redi rect "/guestbook.asp"<BR>End Sub

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    Branavan Guest

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    Do you need to get the SMTPsvg.Mailer component and install it on the server or does it come with NT option pack 4? If not where do you get the component?<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>

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