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    I allow users to run a query which can return over 3M of data from the database server to the web server. Sometimes, later in the day after the query is run, the web server gets an error and the publishing service quits or all my sites shut off. The server is pretty busy as it runs about 5-10000 queries per day. The error seems to be pretty sporadic, but when I remove the query from production, I have no server problems. I&#039m thinking it may be a memory issue on the web server. Can anyone confirm this for me and explain how the memory is handled and can be better managed? Thanks in advance.

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    I have noticed this as well, on our servers. Are you using DSN, DSN-Less, what DB are you hitting?<BR><BR>What does your code look like? As far as the Connection and Recordset object? If this is one page, I would love to look at the code, I bet I can turn you on to a fix . . .

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