Hi,<BR> I read your article on using DSN Less connections. I am trying to use it, but I am not able to figure out what a Provider is. Below is how my connection String looks like. I have got the odbc drivers from sybase. So I assume Provider as sybase inc.<BR>The error I get is could not find the provider, If I omit the Provider, I get the error as insufficient information.<BR>connStr="PROVIDER=Sybase Inc;DRIVER={SYBASE SYSTEM 11}; SERVER=&#060;server name&#062;; DATABASE=&#060;db name&#062;; UID=&#060;id&#062;; PWD=&#060;pwd&#062;"<BR><BR>Below are the exact errors I got:<BR>ADODB.Connection error &#039 800a0e7a&#039 <BR>ADO could not find the specified provider. <BR>/AspDataBase/dbSybaseDb.asp, line 33 <BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver]Insufficient information to connect to the data source. <BR>/AspDataBase/dbSybaseDb.asp, line 33<BR><BR><BR><BR>