I have IIS5.1 on Windows Pro. When I try to create ASP project, it does not give any problem, project is created and I&#039;m able to add ASP pages. But I cannot save any pages to the server.<BR><BR>When I change the "Execute Permissions" on directory tab to "Scripts and Executables" from "None" in IIS(Properties -&#062;Directory)I&#039;m able to see all the pages in IE(.htm, .asp), but the problem is.... <BR><BR>I cannot add any pages to my project after these changes, it gives the error: <BR><BR>"Unable to add xxx.asp to the project. Server Error: the folder /xxx is marked executable. You are not allowed to put files into an executable folder in this server." <BR><BR>If I change to Scripts only,and then try to add asp page then I&#039;m getting following error : <BR><BR>Unable to open Web project &#039;xxx&#039;. an HTTP error occurred. The server could not complete your request. Contact your Internet Service provider or Web Server Administrator to make sure that the server has the frontpage server extensions installed, and the web application exists on that server. <BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>