...FlashMX as a development environment?<BR><BR>Just converting one of our more popular products to have a FlashMX front-end... The great thing is that you just use all its functions to request data direct from the web and then build the sections up dynamically, depending on the result.<BR><BR>Haven&#039;t tested the actual speed of the system yet (still ironing out the bugs on the calendar section), but it&#039;s like a 3KB SWF file, and it just makes HTTP requests for information. Currently it&#039;s pulled back as raw .GetString() data and manipulated on the client, but it could be XML. The only reason it isn&#039;t is that I&#039;d rather make the client do the work converting the text than the server! :-)<BR><BR>It&#039;s a really smart piece of kit once you get your head around the basics. Well, beats attempting to learn .NET when we haven&#039;t got the IDE anyway...! :-)<BR><BR>Craig.