/aasys/bookpager.asp?file=1whatever book page 1 <BR>/aasys/bookpager.asp?file=1whatever book page 2<BR><BR>I am trying to use the above in the toc file for the content linking componet. when i use the getnthurl in a loop it will create the links properly. but when i try to getlistindex of the current page is keeps returning 0. ie. not found. <BR>I am trying to use this component . without having to put the next / previous logic inside of each page by passing a file parm to a program that does the next / previous logic.. then does a sysfileobject to get the html file. <BR>I am just trying to create a folder of html files to display.. and have the next / previous logic. <BR><BR>Am i doing something wrong or will component not work... like this. if not .. any other component ideas.? <BR><BR>Thanks for any thoughts