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    Hi all..<BR><BR>I am trying to set a cookie. I am using the simple line..<BR>response.cookies("DigitalEfx") = "this is a test"<BR><BR>then on another page I am using the line:<BR>dim test<BR>test = request.cookies("DigitalEfx")<BR>response.write(te st)<BR><BR>Problem is that I get nothing. Also there is no cookie stored in my machine like it should be. Any reason why it is not setting??? Should be .. there are tons of other cookies there so I know it is not a security issue.. <BR><BR>Thanks all <BR>bruce<BR>

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    Try on the first page<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("DigitalEfx")("keyFir st") = "this is a test"<BR><BR>

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