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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi,<BR>I have previously been posting in the general ASP forum. I have decided to use a database to insert details of articles. Just for a bit of background information I am creating a website with articles. I wish to label the articles with numbers like e.g. articleview.asp?article=143. By using a querystring I wish to view the article by including the relevant html page in the articleview asp file. However, I wish to have a database table in which the article number, author, title, subject ...etc is stored so as the user can search for an article. They will then select the file they wish to view and they will be taken to articleview.asp with the relevant querystring. <BR><BR>Is this the correct way to go about doing this. Are there any articles anywhere that document this?<BR><BR>Bear in mind that I wish to use a seperate html file included in the asp file for the actual article because the layout of the article will include a number of images which must be layed out properly.<BR>

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    Yeah, that seems like a pretty sensible idea. You&#039;d obviously need a reference to your file as one of the columns in the db tho?..<BR><BR>try<BR> to learn the basics (which are all you&#039;ll need to start.)<BR>

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