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Thread: Conversion from .ASP to .JSP

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    Am in the process of planning the transition of a site built using .ASP to .JSP. Is there anyone who can throw some light / point me towards other sites - on the issues involved in carrying out such a conversion ? Any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Default Recode from scratch

    Realistically, the preferred way of coding JSP is so far from the ways available with ASP that there is little code to be salvaged.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re willing to go with a "bastardized" version of JSP, then you can--more or less--go about a line-at-a-time conversion. But that&#039;s not using all the bells and whistles that are *supposed* to make JSP so hot. In many ways, JSP is more like ASP.NET than it is like classic ASP, though just as the ASP.NET author can fall back on ASP if he/she wants to, so can you fall back on "old style" JSP if you wish.<BR><BR>Most of the database stuff will convert relatively straightforward, though with completely different APIs. Meaning you&#039;ll be doing a lot of relatively rote conversion work there.<BR><BR>Of course, all the HTML can remain unchanged. A minor blessing.<BR><BR>I wish you luck. I only had to convert a dozen or so relatively small pages to JSP, and when all was said and done I wished I had just started from the specifications of the project and ignored the ASP code.<BR><BR>

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