YOUR RESPONSE:<BR><BR> <BR>Help! with param array and properties!<BR> <BR>comnewbie - 8 Jul - 12:41:54 PM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Hello,<BR>Could anyone be so kind as to give me an example of how to pass an indefinite number of arguments to a vb6 get/let property procedure? I know that when passing an indefinite number of arguments to regular old subroutine it can be done by using the "param array" command, but I have not been able to get it to work for property statements. Any help you could provide in this area would be greatly appreciated. Here is the basic beginning code for the property procedures. Thank you in advance.<BR><BR><BR>Private m_sStrGetFields As String<BR><BR>Public Property Get strGetFields() As String<BR>strGetFields = m_sStrGetFields<BR>End Property<BR><BR>Public Property Let strGetFields(ByVal vNewValue As String)<BR>m_sStrGetFields = vNewValue<BR>End Property <BR> <BR>