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    Oh yeah, I had one other:<BR><BR>When a user searches our archives, there is a chance that it could take several seconds. I would like to be able to load a page that says "Searching..." or something while the actual work is being done. Then when the search is complete, I&#039d like to load the results.<BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR>Jason<BR><BR>Jason Long<BR>Webmaster<BR>

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    I haven&#039t tried this, it&#039s just a concept, Try. In search page just display the text searching (or a graphic like progress bar) and start searching. Once the search is complete pass the returned recordset to a display result page and redirect the user there. This may consume lot of results, the alternate maybe have 2 layers in same page once the search is complete hide one layer and display other. But this involves complex scripting (possibly embedding javaScript inside VBScript).<BR>I am not an ASP guru. It&#039s just a concept, not sure can be implemented practically.

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