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    Default Server-Side Form Validation Problem

    Using a pair of submitted text fields called "Password" and "VerifyPassword", I am trying to determine if they are equal as such if(Request.Form("Password") == Request.Form("VerifyPassword"))return true;<BR><BR>However, it never returns true, even if the two entered fields are the same. The same goes for using != and returning false. I can&#039;t seem to figure it out.

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    Default why are you

    using Request.Form for client side?<BR><BR>in Javascript:<BR><BR>var pass1 = window.document.yourform.password.value;<BR>var pass2 = window.document.yourform.verifypassword.value;<BR> <BR>if (pass1 != pass2)<BR> {<BR>alert("Passwords dont match.");<BR>return false;<BR>}

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