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    Okay, this is kinda an asp question and kinda an sql question.<BR><BR>When accessing MySQL from an ASP page thru a DNS connection, does it allow more than one session at a time? Does it lock the file until the first user is finished?<BR><BR>I have a problem with using MSAccess for this reason, because it is not set up to work with JET and locks the file once it has been accessed by another user for the period of time that it is open.<BR><BR>Will this also be a problem with MySQL? I can&#039;t seem to find the answer anywhere!<BR><BR>Help! Please!<BR><BR>Siobhan

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    you can use locks, adlockpessimistic (only locks when actually updating), or adlockpessimistic (locks the record in use).<BR><BR>if you&#039;re using an access db, try short db accesses; i.e connect, execute the RS, dump into an array, close &null RS, close and null CN.<BR><BR>This reduces the number of concurrent calls to the db and improves performance no end.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re locking the file unintentionally, using MySQL should produce improvements.

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