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    Is it possible to create a two dimensional array using the Array function? If not, does anyone know how to create a two dimensional array dynamically?<BR><BR>Patrick

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    No, the Array function cannot create a 2D array:<BR><BR><BR>To create a 2 dimensional array dynamically?<BR>Dim aTest<BR>Dim iCnt_1, iCnt_2, iCnt<BR> iCnt_1 = 1<BR> iCnt_2 = 10<BR><BR>ReDim aTest(iCnt_1, iCnt_2)<BR><BR>For iCnt = 0 To iCnt_2<BR> aTest(0, iCnt) = iCnt<BR> aTest(1, iCnt) = "The value is: " & iCnt<BR>Next

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    Default Array function?

    How about:<BR>[hl="yellow"]&#060;%<BR>Dim arrMyRecords<BR>ReDim arrMyRecords(intDimension1Size, intDimension2Size)<BR>%&#062;[/hl]<BR><BR>Craig.

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