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    I know how to make a DataGrid where you can edit the records, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a DataGrid where it is possible to edit all the records at the same time, with one update button? Instead of using the edit/update link for each record you want to change.

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    Default I'm afraid...

    Such functionality is possible, for sure, but you&#039;re not going to be able to do it using the DataGrid. Rather, you&#039;ll have to write your own control or something of that nature, I&#039;m afraid.<BR><BR>Now that I think about it, I bet you could do it with the datagrid, using the OnItemCreate event (I think that&#039;s the name of it, I don&#039;t have the docs in front of me) to dynamically generate the needed HTML, and then adding a Button on the page to "update" the data. But still, you&#039;d be writing a ton of code and would likely be better off starting from scratch. hth

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