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    John Harrod Guest

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    I&#039m trying to post to a database and to another web page at once when a user clicks (1) submit button. I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks.

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    kyf Guest

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    get the destination page to collect the information from the form and add info to a database and do what you like as far as displaying the data onto your page.<BR><BR>is that what you were after? please be more specific.

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    John Harrod Guest

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    O.K. this is the deal... I&#039ve got a page on my web site that sends a message to my pager (which is sent to PageNet and I have no control over). What I want to do is record the text that is in the message description box and place it in my database during the same transaction with one click of the submit button. To try for yourself go to the following url and maybe leave me a message saying that you responded to my question on this site...

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