Hi,<BR><BR>Is it possible to connect to the database using DSN in asp.net&#039;s sqlcommand object.<BR><BR>The code i have used is:<BR><BR>Dim constr as string<BR>constr = "data source=datasourcename;uid=uid;pwd=pwd"<BR><BR>the datasourcename refers to the system DSN and not to the database server name.<BR><BR>Dim sqlcommand as new sqlcommand()<BR>sqlcommand.commandtext = "select * from tablename"<BR>sqlcommand.connection = constr<BR>sqlcommand.connection.open()<BR><BR><BR> The above code throws an error <BR>"Sql server not found or access is denied"<BR><BR>It works when a dsnless connection is used.<BR><BR>Is there a way to use DSN in the sqlcommand object or SqlDAtaAdapter??<BR><BR>Pls help me.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Bindu<BR>