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    We are using the MailForm.asp from the &#039 4 guys from Rolla&#039 site to email the results of forms to set addresses. It works fine, apart from the fact that it seems to sort of randomize the order in which the results are listed in the email (eg if the form goes &#039name&#039, &#039email&#039, &#039home address&#039 the resultant email might go &#039home address&#039, &#039name&#039, &#039email&#039). We really need these results in the right order.<BR><BR>Anyone have a clue as to what&#039s going wrong?<BR><BR>Sample page address (in case the form itself has anything to do with it)-<BR><BR>(Email -

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    Why not just construct the body the way you want it, instead of doing the For Each...<BR><BR>I know this is a pain, if the form should ever change, but I believe it will solve the problem.<BR><BR>I.E.<BR><BR>strBody = strBody & "Field 1: " & Request.Form("Field1") & vbCrLF<BR>strBody = strBody & "Field 2: " & Request.Form("Field2") & vbCrLF<BR>...<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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