Hi,<BR>Currently we use Crystal 8 on our webserver and have a number of crystal reports they we view over our intranet through asp and the active x viewer. This works fine most of the time but we have noticed recently that there seems to be a bottle neck when the asp gets to the line session("oRpt").readRecords. What I mean by this is that if a large report is run by one person in the organisation that takes a long time to access its records from the database all other reports that are run by other users around the organisation will wait to be displayed until that first report is finished (even though they may use differents databases). One way that I have been able to bypass the problem slightly is to create a separate application in iis which runs on its own thread. This allows two reports to be run concurrently but this isn&#039;t a very practical solution for the number of reports we currently have. If anyone has any advice or a solution it would be greatly appreciated.