I have IIS5.1 on Windows Pro. When I try to create ASP project, it does not give any problem, project is created and I&#039;m able to add ASP pages but when I try to run any page it gives "The page cannot be displayed ".<BR><BR>When I change the "Execute Permissions" on directory tab to "Scripts and Executables" from "None" in IIS(Properties -&#062;Directory)I&#039;m able to see all the pages in IE(.htm, .asp), but the problem is....<BR><BR>I cannot add any pages to my project after these changes, it gives the error:<BR><BR>"Unable to add xxx.asp to the project. Server Error: the folder /xxx is marked executable. You are not allowed to put files into an executable folder in this server."<BR><BR>Please help.....<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>