Use XML or SQL Server as a backend?

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Thread: Use XML or SQL Server as a backend?

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    Default Use XML or SQL Server as a backend?

    Hey there,<BR><BR>I am planning on developing a large community/portal/module application from the ground up in ASP.NET and I had a question for the XML gurus.<BR><BR>By default, I am a LONG time ASP/CGI/Database developer, with not so much experience in XML.<BR><BR>This project is going to be a business move, but equally as important, a comprehensive lesson in new technologies. I have flirted with XML/XSL and I have already written some applications in .NET that use XML (for example, an XML settings file for a .NET application).<BR><BR>My question is in regards to managing large amounts of data.<BR><BR>I am already very used to SQLServer 7/2000, and I know that managing a relational data backend in SQLServer is a breeze. The only downside to using SQLServer is that you now need a database server with your webserver. In addition, SQLServer is not free.<BR><BR>I was considering using an XML backend for some (or all) of my modules. I just am not sure if it&#039;s feasible or wise to do so, and I wanted to hear the XML gurus opinions.<BR><BR>1. If I were to create a message board application, just like this one, would it be feasible to use an XML backend? Pros? Cons? Would it be able to handle hundreds (or thousands) of messages being added per day? Would it be able to handle lots of adding, editing, deleting transactions?<BR><BR>2. I have seen XSL sorting options and I have to admit, so far I like SQL better (it may just be a comfort zone thing). Are there very powerful XML functions availale to allow for specific sorts, searches and filters?<BR><BR>3. If I want to add a few new columns to my SQLServer database (for example, say I wanted to track IP and remote host, etc.), I can just add these new fields in and then update my scripts to work with the new fields. What about XML? If I log 250,000 XML nodes of messages without these new IP and Host attributes, and start adding them to new posts, could it cause any problems?<BR><BR>Guess that&#039;s all I can think of offhand. Time is short for me but I do want to make an informed decision before I go off the deep end.<BR><BR>Like I said, there are three reasons I am intrigued to use XML:<BR><BR>1. I want to work with it at a higher level, to learn.<BR>2. I like the idea of not needing a DB backend, just some files.<BR>3. I had heard rumors about XML/DOM being stable and efficient.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>

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    Default XML is not a database

    You cannot use it in the manner you describe. XML is more like HTML in that it is a standardized way to structure data. Primarly for read only purposes or messaging functionality across differently platforms.<BR><BR>Use a database like SQL Server, Access, or Oracle for your backend.

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