YOUR RESPONSE:<BR>Hi,<BR><BR>Is there any ASP.Net solution to build a hierarchial structure on the fly (in a way similar to windows explorer), using ASP.Net. There is no limitation on depth of hierarchy.<BR><BR>I have 2 sets of collection of objects. Say,<BR>Set-1 contains item/objects like "IGroup1", "IGroup2", "IGroup3" etc., and <BR>Set-2 contains items like "Item1", "Item2", "Item3" etc.<BR><BR>Now, I want to design an web based interface diplaying these 2 sets of items, so that the user can either drag-drop or select the items and can create new Group Items, say "IGroup-X", which can have collection of groups and items under it.<BR><BR>Does the "Tree-View control" gives me this ability ? <BR> <BR>