Hello,<BR><BR> I am in the middle of creating a online test package and am at the point that I would like feedback and sugestions. My online test can be downloaded and also played with at http://richardhealey.com I have now relased a secound version that has added some of the sugestions up to this point.<BR><BR> Curently you can add/delete/modify test questions, add difrent tests, and take tests in 2 difrent formats. the first is a all questions on one page version of the test. the secound is a one question per page version of the test. The one page per questions is new as of the secound release of my tests. also added is the fact that when takeing tests questions are given with radio choices if only one choice is corect. and if multible questions are correct you chose check boxes.<BR><BR>Again if you would like to have a copy of my online tests or go creat a test of your own and try my Test Builder out and give comments I would apriciate it.<BR><BR>Richard Healey<BR><BR>Visit my home and test site at<BR>http://richardhealey.com<BR>http://test.richardhealey.com