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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have sent you the file. Please take a look for me. I wish I could fix it myself but i really don&#039;t fully understand the code as it&#039;s quite advanced to me.<BR><BR>Many Many thanks

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    James,<BR><BR>I should have known this was a permissions problem as soon as I saw the error... My bad<BR><BR>I *think* theres a problem with your IUSR account and the object that is being called (in this case, its the ixsso.dll file - this provides Automation access to MS Indexing Server.<BR><BR>I didnt find anything directly related to indexing server, BUT - theres lots of very similar, related errors and fixes I found. Give these a try:<BR><BR>;en-us;Q278013<BR>;en-us;Q198432<BR>;en-us;Q315454<BR><BR>The last one may bring you joy - I&#039;d try that one first.<BR><BR>Let me know how that goes, and we&#039;ll proceed from there.

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