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    hi,<BR><BR>i have a set of records (prodid,prodname)in the database and i am opening connection object & recordset object and displaying along with a check box which will be dynamically created respective to the no of records.I am using the paging(next & prev) functionality to display 10 item per page.<BR><BR>I want the functionality of adding the products to a cart as soon as the check box is clicked and remove it from the cart as soon it is unchecked and display all the product in the cart in the next page.<BR><BR>Could any one help me out with this.It&#039;s pretty serious out here.Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>regards,<BR>chan<BR>

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    Default How are you creating the cart?

    That has a huge impact on how you do this.<BR><BR>The "as soon as the check box is clicked" part makes it harder. You can easily modify the list of items in the cart, as it is held in the browser, but that won&#039;t impact what&#039;s on the server. So how you are building and carrying the cart becomes all important.<BR><BR>

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