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    p.stoo Guest

    Default Adding Records using Radio Buttons.....

    I have a bunch of questions, each with answers to be selected from radio buttons. There can be multiple selections to one question. How can i insert these answers into a database as just a 1/0 (1 for selected, 0 for not selected) so that the database can tabulate all the numbers?<BR>How should i set up my database? One table for each question?<BR>I haven&#039t even started the code for this one, because i am super-beginner in ASP!<BR>All i have is a database that someone gave me. I have to come up with the web-based form to match!<BR><BR>---p.stoo

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    Neil Popham Guest

    Default more info please

    if there is potentially more than one answer to a question then you will not be able to use radio buttons - they only allow you to pick ONE from the group.<BR><BR>if, for example there are 6 possible answers HOW MANY are people able to choose? 1-6? 1-3? at least 3?<BR><BR>i would preliminarily suggest a group of checkboxes with javascript verification to see how many have been checked - but i think we need more info regarding the questions/answers.

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    pstoo Guest

    Default Here's more info....

    Ok, so i&#039ll switch from radio buttons to checkboxes. <BR>For some questions, they can only pick one. (ie male or female). For other questions (ie what are you doing here? working/playing/shopping/exercising) they can pick at least one, but up to however many answers there are.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know where to even *start* on the database...opening the connection, defining my variables. <BR>In other words, i need help from start to finish.<BR><BR>If anyone has any time, i am on AOL Instant messenger, Snowcrash3.<BR><BR>It sounds so simple, but i haven&#039t been able to find any resources on the web that can help me out!<BR><BR>And i have a deadline today!<BR><BR>---Parastoo

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    pstoo Guest

    Default Also....

    ....why would i want to complicate things with javascript?<BR><BR>Also, this is an access database!<BR><BR>Please help asap!!!!<BR><BR>I am dying out here!<BR><BR>Thanks so much<BR>---pstoo

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    Neil Popham Guest

    Default RE: Here's more info....

    im sorry to be unhelpful bu may i suggest you buy some books and postpone your deadline?<BR><BR>you dont stand a chance...

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