what is this pattern looking for?

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Thread: what is this pattern looking for?

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    I got this expression that I can&#039;t seem to decipher to well. Some of the characters, I haven&#039;t encountered before, so I&#039;m not sure what the expression is looking for. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.<BR><BR>([A-Z]+[a-zA-Zñ.\" & Chr$(34) & "]*)[ ]*<BR><BR>And how in the world do you type "ñ"?

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    rough translation:<BR><BR>at least 1 upper case character <BR>followed by upper or lower and a spanish N (i forget what that is!)<BR>followed by a period<BR>followed by a double quote<BR><BR>then for some who knows why reason a double quote in ASCII<BR><BR>followed by 0 or more brackets<BR>followed by a bracket<BR>followed by 0 or more brackets<BR><BR>you can type that kind of N either with a international keyboard (windows has one) or by using ASCII/Unicode characters.<BR><BR>I think this will match:<BR><BR>Adñ.""][]<BR><BR>although what in the hell thats supposed to mean i dunno LOL

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